Terms & Conditions of Sale

     Our prices are based on current market conditions and are subject to change without notice.  Past due accounts must be paid in full before orders for the future can be accepted.  All orders are subject to cancellation if stock is injured by flood, drought, fire, hail, frost, errors in inventory or any other cause beyond our control.  All orders must be taken by May 1st or an additional 10% charge will be applied to care for the plants.

     All prices are F.O.B. Morrison, TN.  All shipments are C.O.D. unless credit has been previously established and acknowledged to the customer.  Credit terms are net 30 days with a 1.5% per month service charge on all past due accounts.  No future orders will be held for customers who have not complied with the payment terms.

     We are not responsible under any conditions for the livability or merchantability of the plants we ship.  We exercise the greatest care to keep our varieties true to name.

     Creekside Nursery takes pride in producing and shipping quality nursery stock.  Claims on shipments should be made as soon as they are received.  Claims regarding incorrect counts or breakage will be considered if Creekside Nursery has been contacted before the driver leaves your nursery and it has been noted on the invoice.  Approved claims will be adjusted by credit or replacement at the discretion of Creekside Nursery.  No claims on balled and burlapped material will be considered if received after June 1st.


     We request our customers to give definite shipping instructions regarding manner in which they wish goods shipped.  In the absence of special instructions, we use our best judgement, but without responsibility.  For truckloads, we can arrange shipment through local truck brokers, but will not be responsible for these trucks.  All freight charges are C.O.D. unless special arrangements have been made with us prior to shipment.  Freight invoices are due in 7 days - NO EXCEPTIONS.


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